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A #BCSgetsme Reminder

We know how it feels

To have friends and family look at us weirdly when we begin 'thinking snow'. To have folks wonder what it is about the winter that we could possibly enjoy.  To experience that feeling of pure excitement on the first chair of the season.  

We know hows it feels when people don't get you.  We are not those people.  

Share your love of the snow all season long by using the hashtag #BCSgetsme on your preferred social media outlet.  Whether you're shopping one of our stores, hanging at one of our resorts, or just enjoying your new gear, we'd like to see and hear about it.


We have a sweet swag bag of gear to give-away, and we will randomly do so by keeping a close eye on #BCSgetsme start sharing, posting and updating.


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BCS 'digital' Magazine
BCS 'digital' Magazine
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Discover Traverse City Sailing
Discover Traverse City Sailing
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Getting to know...Dan Abrams
Getting to know...Dan Abrams
Today we are focusing on Flylow across all of our online channels, and we had the opportunity to get to know one of the company founders, Dan Abrams, a little better.

How did Flylow get started?

In 2004.  I could not find a pair of ski pants that would hold up to a season of punishment in the rugged backcountry of Washington and Colorado so I set out to create what I could not find.  In late 2004, Flylow was formed to fill this void – to create a ski pant that was “bomb-proof,” yet still had some style. 
Where did the word 'Flylow' come from?

Greg and I were skiing in Jackson Hole around 2001 and an old friend from college showed up with his French girlfriend.  We were all skiing and at the time I was the only alpine skier, the rest of the guys telemarked, so they took a break mid-run to cool their legs.  I would wait until the end and then go non-stop (nothing against tele, it is just easier to alpine nonstop).  This time when we all met at the base of Thunder chair the French girl came to me a said, "Dan, when you ski, you do not ski fast, you fly low."  I thought immediately "that would look great on a t-shirt."  I saved the name for a few years and when time was right I used it, but made it into one word for the sake of aesthetics.  The side note is that Greg thinks she was talking to him, and our other friend Ethan swears she was talking to him... so who actually knows.

Did you have any experience?

We had no experience.  But, trial and error, a good concept and bartending customer service has secured our place in the industry.

What were you doing before you started Flylow?

Bartending, playing music professionally, going to grad school, teaching and competing at waterskiing and shredding powder.

What makes Flylow unique?

The owners and managers are 38 years old.  We are the only brand with guys making the clothes that actually get out to use it 80+ days a year. Greg is the co-founder, owner, designer and product line manager...  you do not find that anywhere.  That is why our gear is super functional, looks good and is not over priced.

What is something that most people don't know about Flylow?

Greg and I live in Tahoe City, CA and have our office 2 miles from the base of Squaw Valley (but we ski at Alpine Meadows).

What is the best part of owning your own outdoor clothing brand?

Living life on my own terms and calling skiing part of my work day.

What is the most challenging part?

Growing...  We are growing so fast it is hard to manage that growth.  But, we are making it happen.

As Flylow grows, what role do you play in the day-to-day business?

I make sure all people are talking to each other and getting stuff done.  I weigh in on design, help the CFO get loans and run the marketing department, but my main job is to keep everyone communicating as we all live in various places (Denver, Tahoe, Jackson, Park City, SFO).

How often do you travel?

In the winter I am on the road a decent amount.  Probably 5 weeks a year on the road.  Not as much as our sales manager, but enough to miss home.

How many days a year do you ski?

80+... going right now.

What is your long term vision for the Flylow brand?

We want to be here making solid clothes and evolving with the times and style for the foreseeable future.  We love the company and running it.  

What advice would you give someone interested in starting their own outdoor clothing brand?

Give me a call, I love to help new folks out.

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Getting to know...John Barich
Getting to know...John Barich
If you’ve purchased any ski, snowboard or golf equipment from Boyne Country Sports or perhaps
Bavarian Village Ski & Golf back in the day...chances are JB is responsible for the store carrying the equipment.

JB is the longtime senior hardgoods buyer (Jeff Frazier and Pat Kennedy both work under JB’s tutelage).  His job 
is a difficult one.  And he’s good at it (don’t tell him we said that, he’ll need a bigger ski helmet...and we’re not 
sure if they make them any bigger!  ZING!).

What year did you get your start in the ski biz?

What and where was your first job?
Sales at the Bavarian Village location in Lathrup Village

How did you get from where you started to where you are now? 
Love of skiing keeps me excited, and I wanted to learn more about the business

What is the most difficult aspect of the job (buying)?
Keeping to a budget and always looking for what’s new and fresh. Working with the best vendors is key.

How industry has changed?  
New ski concepts and new materials for ease and comfort.

How much has the sport grown? 
It’s about the same if you add ski, snowboard and rental into the mix, just different percentages.

Where is the sport heading?
With all the snowmaking at resorts I feel the ski industry will maintain rather than decrease.

Any favorite memory?
Skiing in Europe with all the BV staff , going to the trade shows each year , all the excitement of the new products and talking to skiers from different parts of the world.

A little fun at JB's expense...

"I miss his use of all capital letters when when we first started using email. I never knew if he was upset or not!?"
Mike Cox - Burton Snowboards

"Ask JB about the powder day at Copper Mountain, ski testing with some BV guys and JB's old buddy Jerry when JB crashed at the bottom of a run. It was pretty funny to see a guy about the size of a submarine actually submerge under the snow and then pop up again sputtering and laughing with a face full of Colorado pow.  At least, that's the way I remember it!" 
Kevin M. - Petoskey BCS

(For the record, we never asked JB about that day...we thought it was funny the way Kevin remembered it!)
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Getting to know...John Kerkhof
Getting to Know...John Kerkhof
Today we are focusing on Nordica across all of our online channels, so we thought it made sense to get to know our longtime Nordica sales rep, John Kerkhof, a little better.

How long have you rep'd Nordica?
Oh man this is going to make me sound old...23 years.

How long have you worked in the ski biz?  
I started as a "waxer" at the Bavarian Village at Sugarloaf working for The Duke in 1986...I was like 6 years old I think. Maybe.

What advice would you (or do you) give younger kids who express an interest in working in the ski biz?
Stay in school kids, but ski every day you can. Then get a job is the raddest ski shop you can find and work as hard and as smart as you can. Then go ski some more.

How big is your territory?
It has changed over the years, but I currently manage the Great Lakes region. All the cool ski hills are here...who needs the mountains right?

What is one thing most people don't know about Nordica?
Oh man, I am sure there is a ton. Viewed as one of the most iconic brands in skiing since 1939 we are completely focused on the future of Nordica and to be "Fit for the Long Run". We are completely obsessed with building gear to inspire skiers to advance their adventures. Go check out the Nordica site and click on the Backstage for a ton of cool stuff and to really see behind the scenes. 

Give us a glimpse into a 'day in the life' of a ski sales rep?
Whoa, are you ready...spring out of bed, slam a coffee, check the weather reports (all of them), look at the ski reports (in season), check emails, then blast out the door to tackle what ever lays ahead for the day.

Why Nordica?
Without a doubt this is the brand that most closely aligns with our DNA and who we are as skiers. As a family owned brand, driven by amazing people it is awesome to punch in for work every day.

How many days a year do you travel?
A bunch.

How many days a year do you ski?
Ooh this could be incriminating. Less than I should, and less than my kids, and I would say on average 60'ish days a season. Give or take on the year.

What is a sales reps primary goal?
Stoke the fires and get people fired up.

Ever get to ski with any pro-athletes?
For sure, big names like BNowak and Jayski plus a few others.

What is the hottest selling Nordica products this season?
The new GPX boots are super cool, but without doubt the ski of the year launched the new Enforcer.

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Getting to Know...Karen Kerkhof
Getting to Know...Karen Kerkhof
Today we are focusing on Orage, Level and BlackStrap across all of our online channels, so we thought it made sense to get to know our longtime sales rep, Karen Kerkhof, a little better.

Which snowsports brands do you rep?

Orage, Level, and BlackStrap

How long have you worked in the rep biz?

I have been in the ski biz for almost 30 years… of course I started as a kid.

What advice would you (or do you) give younger kids who express an interest in working in the rep biz?

I always tell young kids that we (my husband) and I are very blessed to have a job, which we love and are passionate about. So, first dial in your education, then follow your passion... Find a job in a shop you love, learn all you can, and take the time to cultivate relationships with everyone in the industry.

How big is your territory?


What is one thing most people don't know about the brands you carry?

Orage: Eric Danjou the owner of Orage is extremely passionate about all things skiing and life…. He stated at a recent meeting that we spend up to 1/3 of our lives at work, so it is important to surround yourself with your second family of like-minded people. Everyone at Orage from customer service to marketing are just good peeps….

BlackStrap: BS offers technical facegear that is made from start to finish in the US. The best selling HOOD is a patented design that allows you a full range of coverage, because of it's unique hinge design. Oh... and the office is exactly 20 mins... from a chairlift!

Level: This Italian glove brand continually pushes the envelope. Level is the only manufacturer that has a womens specific collection that is targeted for the two needs women have: Warmth and Style.

Give us a glimpse into a 'day in the life' of a snowsports clothing sales rep?

Well I am a mom of two, so the day starts always with a cup of java first then making lunches! After we have done 1 hr of driving the kids to school, then it usually office time. An office day consists of answering emails, follow up calls, checking on shipping, etc. If it is the fall, then I may be on the road visiting shops. If it were sell-in season, then I would be attending a regional or national show working on helping buyers select the perfect styles to complete their offering.

Why Orage?

Innovation through Style is Orage’s DNA. So, for those skiers that demand the careful balance of technicity, details, and for women who want a flattering fit and a look like no other then Orage is your brand…

Why Level?

GUARANTEED WARMTH- Level offers a warmth guarantee in several styles for women, men and kids!

Why BlackStrap?

It is technical facegear! From its patented tri fabric blend that does not freeze up, to wind proof, SPF 55 and goggle safe fabrics it is fully loaded face protection!

How many days a year do you travel?


How many tradeshows a year do you do?


How many days a year do you ski?

Not Enough!!! I shoot for 60…

What is a sales reps primary goal?

There are a variety of goals… but the primary focus is to fire the stoke whether with the buyers, staff, or consumers. We are the liaison to the brand, and my ultimate target is always to create a better experience in the shops, or on the mountain.

Ever get to ski / hang with any pro-athletes?

Yes… There was a funny story when TJ Schiller and Michelle Parker were stranded at my house, and had to hang with the kiddos. They were both tons of fun!

What is the hottest selling product this season from the brands you rep?

Orage: The Grace jacket is selling well, because it is a timeless classic with beautiful fabric; along with the Riya for the girl who wants the warmest jacket in a pretty silhouette.

Level: Mummies Mitt: It is the warmest mitt we make for ladies with over 250 gr of Primaloft, and features a warmth guarantee.

BlackStrap: The Hood- adult and kids

What is your favorite part of your job?

Hmmm… that is a tough question to answer, but I would have to the people.

What did we forget?

Not much! Perhaps that one of the things I love most about working in the ski industry is seeing new families on the hill. It is such an awesome family sport!

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Karen and her active ski family enjoying some time on the hill together.

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Getting to know...Kari Traa
Getting to know...Kari Traa
Today we are focusing on Kari Traa across all of our online channels, and we had the opportunity to get to know the founder of the guessed it, Kari Traa!

At what age did you know you wanted to compete in the Olympics?

I had no dream about winning any international ski competition or being an Olympian when I was younger. I skied for fun. At the age of 17 I ended up as number 8 (world cup) right before Albertville Olympics in 1992. The Norwegian Olympic committee qualified me for the games (ending up as number 14) . After that, I had some years with knee injuries in both of my knees. When I won my first world cup in 1997 I knew one day I would be the best mogul skier in the world. The reason why; I felt I was much more dauntless than the other girls. I have always worked on doing things technical and correct while focusing on my skiing, not results.

Could you give us a look in the day in the life of an athlete training for the Olympics?

Wow…it depends what time of the year….After the world cup tour was over I normally had a long break in April. Then I started physical training like weight training, gymnastics/acrobatics, and quickness. I also skied a lot in the summer. In Norway we have a good facility for skiing in the summertime on the glaciers. The whole training period from May to December is about building up the perfect run for the upcoming world cup start. I had days with just one hour of training and days with up to 6 hours of training. Lots of eating and sleeping is also a very important for an athlete. 

What does it feel like standing on the podium at the Olympics?

I felt good and proud even though I did not ski my best run. I also felt that I had done my job as an athlete representing Norway.

How did the Kari Traa brand get started?

I have always had a passion for making things. Knitting, woodcarving, drawing, painting, fixing old furniture and so on. After Salt Lake City, I was a bit confused about life. I felt I needed to do something more useful in life. Two good friends of mine (they were already in the sports industry in Norway) asked me to make some beanies and headbands with my name on. So I did. And then I could be a “hobby designer” and ski professional for some more years. The perfect life for me. The first winter we sold 20,000 pieces in Norway. Pretty good for a new brand only for girls in a country with only 4.5 million citizens.

What makes it unique?

We are a playful sport brand with fresh colors and feminine shapes. KT is a unique girls/women’s brand and we design products for making girls happier, healthier and stronger. Designed for women by women!

At what point in your career did you decide you wanted to be a business owner?

I did not decide or plan that, it just happened. I never planned that “my brand” should be a big sport brand and never in my dreams that KT also should be a worldwide brand. I'm proud of the success and I'm proud to generate jobs for lots of skillful people.

How about a day in the life of a former Olympic medalist turned business owner?

I have a hectic life with two small girls hanging around my legs ;-) I don’t work as much as I use to because I will spend as much time as I can with my kids. I do a bit of lectures around in Norway. Talking about sport and about how I started KT. I also do a lot of skydiving. In April I will compete in nationals for the Indoor Skydiving (in a wind tunnel) and in August I will compete in the nationals for outdoor skydiving. I have periods that I work a lot and sometimes I don’t work at all :-O

Are there any parallels between training for the Olympics and starting / running a business?

There are some parallels; you need to take risks, be aware for “tailwind and headwind” (up and downs). Most important, believe in yourself!!!

What is the most rewarding part of starting and running your own brand?

That a small idea (not very well planned) from a little town in Norway succeeded and generated jobs. I can still do things I'm passionate for.

What is the hardest part?

To see that my little “baby” is all grown up! ;-)

Any parting words of wisdom you'd like to share with the Boyne Country Sports audience?

Dare to play, forever!

What did we forget? Or...what should we have asked?!

This was a good start! Send me more questions for chapter two!

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Getting to Know...Kevin Welborn
Getting to Know...Kevin Welborn
Today we are focusing on Volkl across all of our online channels, so we thought it made sense to get to know our longtime Volkl sales rep, Kevin Welborn, a little better.

How long have you worked in the ski biz?

Now that is a loaded question given that I’m really not as old as the number of years in the Ski Biz… ha! I worked in a our local Ski Shop in the NW Ohio area under the current name Mountain Man Ski Shop (former name:Viking Ski Shop) during High School in 1973/74 and then later in college at Univ of Utah and back at Viking while finishing at Bowling Green State Univ. in 1978, so ready…might not have key board keys this high….42 years since Retail days and 36 years as a Ski Rep. You made me tally it ….crazy. All super fun years!

What advice would you (or do you) give younger kids who express an interest in working in the ski biz?

This comes up often and the first suggestion I say is to make sure and finish College because no one can ever take that experience and knowledge away from you as you grow and achieve your dreams. Then along the way while in school pick out the strongest Ski Shop in the area and don’t stop till you're hired which will provide you hands on experience to learn the business all the while keep ripping turns and satisfying the crave for the sport of skiing we all love.

How big is your territory?

This is a passionate region called the Eastern Great Lakes which is Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. We have the largest number of Ski Areas (ok maybe metro day areas) next to NY in the country.

What is one thing most people don't know about Volkl?

With some just recent grass roots craft brands dabbling into the manufacturing of skis in garages etc. Volkl got started in 1923 in Straubing Germany about an hour NE of Munich. It is the only remaining brand of skis still Made In Germany. Very few brands have the kind of performance heritage that Volkl has. They built their second new state of the art design and manufacturing facility only about 10 years ago and the investment, design and manufacturing process is second to none in the world.

Give us a glimpse into a 'day in the life' of a ski sales rep?

When the iPhone alarm buzz's first thing in the AM, my ski boots are buckled and I push off the top of a sun drenched cornice with large silver dollar flakes hitting my face under a bluebird pow day… waking up from that dream, I hit the coffee machine, pour down a couple of cups of joe and lift the cover of my laptop to check the weather, download the recent Inventory reports and answer all the overnight emails that came in. Each season is broken up into the Sell In and Sell Support, so depending on that season dictates the type of day you lead.

Also another way to get a view into the position with Marker Volkl Dalbello is to describe a typical Winter Sales Mtg we annually hold in Dec in CO. We meet at 7:30 in AM and break for lunch at noon, ski and test new products till 4pm and meet again from 4-6pm then head out for a great company dinner and do it all over again for 3 days. If it dumps overnight our Pres Mike declares a Presidential Powder day, we ski till noon and then meet from noon to 6pm. Very fun company and group of people.

Why Volkl?

Volkl has one of the richest, rock solid reputations for high quality, high performance skis in the history of the Ski Biz. Very, very few brands have the Performance heritage that Volkl commands whether on an injected race course, 3 time Slopestyle XGames Gold in Slopestyle or 4 feet of fresh in Alaska. The German Engineering and passion for excellence promotes a culture for precision ski design and performance that skiers keep coming back to. Its very common to hear people rage about how many Volkl models in a row they’ve been buying over the years. They are fun to power and ride!

How many days a year do you travel?

Now that brings things back to reality! Lets just say very often! But I greatly enjoy traveling because there are always new challenges and new scenery but the most rewarding part is to solve an issue to help our friends and retailers and just the fun of being around ski shops, ski gear and skiers. It’s a life style and I love it.

How many days a year do you ski?

Not enough but if I’m home which is sometimes rare, I’ll ski every Sunday if not both weekend days and 2 trips a Winter to the Mountains. But never enough!

What is a sales reps primary goal?

To bring fun, highly sought after ski gear and apparel to our retail customers that helps them reach their goals. And ultimately to promote the skiing experience and to raise the level of participation of as many ski crazed people as possible.

Ever get to ride / hang with any pro-athletes?

Yes at many sales meetings and midwest tours we meet and ski with pro-athletes, but what fires me up is to ski with store employees, Boyne managers and buyers like JB. Now that is fun.

I remember taking a trip to Big Sky with several deserving Boyne Country Sports sales assoc who earned, through strong performance, a trip to Big Sky and we helped promote the event. Getting a chance to ski with managers and assoc. from the sales floor after training and talking ski gear over the season and then putting it all to the test was a blast!

What is the hottest selling Volkl product this season?

Volkl continues to develop new technologies in ski design and year after year we receive several top magazine awards. This year we introduced the New RTM 3D-Ridge technology in RTM 86, RTM 84 and RTM 81. They are much lighter, quicker, more agile and generate more power then any prior year designs. Of all the Boyne TestFest launches I’ve been apart of since the later 90’s with Volkl Marker, I’ve never experienced the buzz for a ski than the New RTM 84 created also powered with our new Wideride XL binding . Buyers and shop associates lined up at the tent asking where is that green ski everyone is raging about on the chairlift? Several buyers had to have a pair to take on upcoming ski missions. It was fun to watch!

What did I forget?

Along with Volkl, Marker’s DNA which has continued to lead the way with German engineering, Innovation and Safety/Performance has really made my job fun to dive into every day.

And having been involved with 2 other boot brands over the years, I’m really stoked to be back in the ski boot business again with our recently acquire Dalbello brand. The more I wrap my arms around this brand the more I realize it as a very high quality, performance driven value which will be fun to be a part of!

Also I have greatly enjoyed the passion that Boyne promotes towards a high quality skiing experience. I’ve known some of the BCS managers, buyers and resort managers for most of my adult life and its a very rewarding and enriching world to be a small part of.

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Getting to Know...Mike Cox
Getting to Know...Mike Cox
Today we are focusing on Burton across all of our online channels, so we thought it made sense to get to know our longtime Burton sales rep, Mike Cox, a little better. Yup...that's him with Shaun White. 

How long have you worked in the snowboard biz?

Believe it or not, 30 years! I started out in retail at a shop called W3 in Rockford, MI. We had skate ramps and sold skateboards, surfboards, sailboards and snowboards. We sold Burton as well. It was funny because ski areas did not allow snowboards and we lost many a sale when parents asked where their kids could ride them and we said “ sand dunes, golf courses and local parks” I’ve never seen a checkbook close so quickly! We lobbied local resorts and got them to allow snowboards. At first it was a couple days per week and slowly it became accepted. It's been really cool to see the sport grow and become what it is today.

I started repping skateboard and clothing brands and one day I heard that Burton was going to be hiring a sales force and I dropped everything, made a resume and sent it in. That was apx 25 years ago and I am still stoked to represent the brand and make a career out of something that I love.

What advice would you (or do you) give younger kids who express an interest in working in the snowboard biz?

Start out working at your local snowboard and ski shop and/or the resorts, rental room, park crew, retail, what ever you can do to get your foot in the door.  Get to know all sides of the retail business. Develop relationships with the reps from all of the brands. The next step is helping your favorite rep with demos and events. Patience is key in this instant society. Help the reps set up shows and learn the business. Ride and have fun and be an ambassador for your favorite brands and resorts. Keep your ear open for opportunities. The best way to get into rapping is to work for an established rep, build a good reputation and then go after your own lines. Return phone calls and emails, be proactive, do what you say your going to do and good things will follow.

How big is your territory?

Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. We cover all sales, marketing and service for these 4 states. 

What is one thing most people don't know about Burton?

How passionate Jake and Donna are about the sport and the brand. We get portrayed as this big corporate giant in our industry and it’s far from the case. They still own the company and ride every chance they get and Jake alone rides over 100 days per year! They also started a foundation called CHILL which takes at risk youth and introduces them to snowboarding and board sports while building confidence, patience and self esteem. It’s a really cool non profit and we are hoping to develop a Michigan chapter and Boyne will be the lead resort.

Give us a glimpse into a 'day in the life' of a snowboard sales rep? 

Well, when not on the road, I do my best work in my boxers from my home office between 8-10:00AM. I make a nice cup of English breakfast tea, work on emails, check Facebook and the Drudge Report, then I make a smoothie, take a quick shower and head to the showroom/office where I continue to work on the computer, make dealer calls, check on deliveries, work with my team, etc.

Why Burton?

I’ve always respected the Brand and the people behind the brand. The bottom line is the product works and each year it gets better and better.

How many days a year do you travel?

100 days minimum between our territory, sales meeting and shows, we are on the road “all of the time” and I love it! My daughter Carly has grown up around the industry and we still travel together as much as possible. And Liz and I love nothing more than taking the pugs to Boyne Mountain and staying in the dog friendly Clock Tower!

How many days a year do you ride?

My goal is 50, but usually land around 30-40. 

What is a sales reps primary goal?

Represent the brand, grow the sport, grow the business and make our customers happy. We also do events and on snow demos for consumers which is really fun and rewarding.

Ever get to ride / hang with any pro-athletes?

Yes, the one that I am most stoked on is Danny Davis! He is from Highland Michigan and one of our top guys. we have had many of the greats of our sport to most of Boyne’s resorts including Jeff Brushie, Jason Ford, Shannon Dunn, Dave Downing and many more. I met Shaun White when he was 12 years old at a Burton sales meeting and i could barely keep up with him riding at Stowe.  Actually I couldn’t keep up with him! :)  Mark McMorris is a really nice guy and at the top of his game. Another cool cat is Terje Haakonsen, I remember our team manager saying “keep your eye on this guy, he’s going to be incredible!” and he was right. Craig Kelly was the coolest, a super nice guy who changed snowboarding and helped it become what it is today. 

What is the hottest selling Burton product this season?

The 20th anniversary Custom Board is really hot along with the Highline Boot. The ANON M Series goggles are selling out everywhere with the magnetic closure have revolutionized lens changing, it literally takes 5 seconds to change lenses! We also make really nice outerwear and clothing. Get them all at your local Boyne Country Sports!

What did I forget?

One thing that I am most proud of is our Burton Partner Stores at Boyne Mountain, Big Sky and Sugarloaf. We teamed up with Boyne Country Sports and built Burton stores at these iconic resorts. It’s awesome to see people shopping and hear people talk about the stores when visiting these mountains. It’s enabled us to offer some of our more limited and high end product that most store do not carry. Check them out next time you at at Boyne Mountain, Big Sky and Sugarloaf!

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Pictured Below:
In his own words -- "

Little ole me under the Canadian flag"

Jack Mitrani and Danny Davis

Liz & Carly - The girlfriend and the daughter.  The real bosses.

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Our Favorite Things
Our Favorite Things
Did you know...

The popular Christmas song, 'My Favorite Things", was first sung as a show tune in the original 1959 Broadway production of "The Sound of Music", and first sung as a Christmas song by Julie Andrews in a 1961 Christmas special?

We decided to update it....and got through the first verse before thinking we'd like your help finishing it for a chance to WIN a Boyne Country Sports t-shirt.

So, if you are feeling creative, submit your verse for consideration to our lyrical supervisor -

Our Favorite Things
Snow-covered slopes and custom-fit footbeds
Warm cozy clothing and new gear that shreds
Cold air on our face making it sting
These are a few of our favorite things
Once we have all the verses finished (with your help) we will share the finished product for all the world to sing together!  Well, at least those who follow us on social media.  It helps to read the original lyrics, you can do that here.

And speaking of Favorite Things...

Extended Hours!

Our stores have extended hours during the shopping season!

Gift Cards!

Not sure what to give?  BOYNE Gift Cards are the PERFECT gift for the skier, boarder or outdoor enthusiast on your list!

Shop online or in-store.


Earn BoyneRewards points with every gift purchase...then use those points to reward yourself this winter season!

Giving and receiving :)
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Raz's Race Room
Raz's Race Room
Just in time for the 2016/17 season, Raz's Race Room in Petoskey gets an upgrade!

Eric 'Raz' Rasmussen is one of the best ski and board technicians in the business, and he just got a shiny new toy that will take our Petoskey's service and race room to the next level.

Our new Wintersteiger Mercury SD automatic service station for skis and snowboards has arrived.

What does this mean for you?

  • Enhanced turnover of service.
  • Improved quality & consistency in tuning of Nordic, Alpine, AT & Snowboard equipment.
  • Custom Tuning -- get your equipment just the way you like it, such as back to manufacturers spec, enhance upon, or detune.
  • Race Tuning -- get a competitive edge with equipment tailored specifically for an individual athlete, venue & geographic conditions, including limitless structuring capability. 

Head on in to the Petoskey store to learn more and to get you gear tuned up for the season! 

Check out the Wintersteiger video below, along with the article on 'Raz'.

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We're Ready.  Are You?
We're Ready. Are You?
The 'season' is quickly approaching.  

We're Ready.  Are you?

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