Booting Fitting

Fischer Vacuum Boots

Fischer’s VACUUM FIT technology is a worldwide sensation in boot comfort: the revolutionary Fischer VACU-PLAST material is a high-tech polymer that enables a completely anatomical adjustment of the boot with a level of comfort and performance never before enjoyed.

Fischer’s three step process involves:

  1. First warming the boot shell to 80 degrees Celsius in a specially designed oven.

  2. Then, the boot liner is inserted, a Cooling Pad and Compression Pad are fitted, and you simply stand on the Fishcher Vacuum Fit station where our ski techs will adjust the entire boot to the anatomy of your feet using compressed air. 

  3. The boot is then cooled, and you are ready to enjoy the ultimate in boot comfort and performance.

The entire process takes only about 20 minutes for a boot fit that is 100% guaranteed!